Nailed It!

A cabaret about life, love, Hogwarts, incest and plant genitalia

★★★★★ - Broadway Baby
★★★★★ – Theatrepeople
★★★★★ - The Australia Times



"How can I begin to find my skin..."
When Cath, her husband Ed, and her kid Siobh, return to Geraldton to clean out their old house, memories wash over them like the tide, and secrets they've been holding onto for years begin to unravel.



"I still dream that Gravity might set me free..."

A musical about the Voyager probe, grief, the Opportunity Mars rover, togetherness, and a family in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.



"This is a story about a star. Well, actually, two stars. And really? EVERY star."

A short musical with puppets, lights in the darkness, and a lot of joy and wonder.


Jack of Two Trades

A brand new musical adaptation of The Servant Of Two Masters  Written and developed through the inaugural Jeanne Pratt Artists in Residence program

The Songs Of Mackenzie-Spencer & Strano

★★★★★ … songs that tear at the heartstrings, make you smile and induce a laughing fit" - The Australia Times

Quiet Achievers

Completely silent, completely improvised comedy

"They knew how to use sign language! That was good"
"They were funny. I liked the way they fell over!"- Kids of Furlong Park School for Deaf Children

Completely Improvised Shakespeare

Shakespeare like nothing you - or anyone else - has seen before.

★★★★ “Improvisation champions” - Fouthwall Media Perth

Completely Improvised Potter

More magical than Merlin and funnier than a trip to Zonko’s, this is the perfect show for anyone who missed out on their Hogwarts letter. 

Fab Friday

Melbourne’s best piano bar, nestled in the belly of the Butterfly Club.

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