"When the man’s suspenders came off, it made me laugh!"

"They knew how to use sign language! That was good"

"They were funny. I liked the way they fell over!"- Kids of Furlong Park School for Deaf Children


Best Male Cabaret Performer Theatrepeople Pro Choice Award Nominee


Concept Andrew Strano

Director Marcus Willis

Performers Charlie Sturgeon, Dana McMillan and Andrew Strano

Technicians Daniel Pavatich, Owen Vandenberg & Timothy Quabba


Quiet Achievers is a completely improvised, completely silent show set to music. No script, no set, no props, no costumes, NO WORDS. Just an all out explosion of no-holds-barred physical comedy.

It's super clowny, sometimes beautiful and always sweaty.
With each performance, the soundtrack is chosen randomly from a playlist of over 500 songs. Using only a single audience suggestion, the Quiet Achievers will clown their way through the world of your imagination!
With shows uniquely tailored to adults, or children and their

Quiet Achievers is suitable for a Deaf or hard of hearing audience.


★★★★ “The pair bounce off each other seamlessly … this show is done so well that it’s hard to tell it’s improv… trust me, you do not want to miss this” - The Herald Sun

"The performers may be silent, but the laughs are loud! Sturgeon has a knack for bringing heart to a scene and often directs stories to unexpected places. Strano is a fearless and talented physical comic, unfailingly bringing the silly.
By taking speech out of the equation, the Quiet Achievers present comedy that is near-universal, drawing on expressions of emotion that we are all familiar with” - Squirrel Comedy

“Strano and Sturgeon are a great pair to watch. Strano’s comic to Sturgeon’s straight is highly complimentary and the two have a great connection. Constantly aware of each other and what they are doing; they work hard (but seemingly easily) at giving each other a great time and making the other look good … if you’re looking for something a little different, a little riskier but very rewarding, then the Quiet Achievers is the show for you” - TheatrePress

"The Quiet Achievers captured our minds and hearts from young to old"- Maria Burgess, Teacher, Furlong Park School for Deaf Children


Photo credits: Kurt Sneddon