Two time Melbourne International Comedy Festival sold out show 2017 and 2018


Creator/Founding Director Andrew Strano
Director Andrew Strano
Technicians Meg Deyell and Zach Navarre

Eloise Antoine, Pedro Cooray, Louise Cox, Elizabeth Donald, Gemma Duncan, Jasper Foley, Jessica Greenall, Taylor Griffths, Millie Holten, Matthew Jackson, Ella Lawry, Rob Lloyd, Bridget McClumpha, Melissa McGlensey, Ryan Patterson, Vidya Rajan, Patrick Rehill, Madi Savage, Nikki Spunde, Owen Vandenberg, Caitlin Yolland


Completely Improvised Potter solemnly swear that they’ll invent hilarious new Harry Potter adventures before your very eyes. After the Goblet of fire chooses an audience suggestion for the title of what could’ve been a Potter book (but wasn’t), Completely Improvised Potter will show you a year at Hogwarts like you’ve never seen it before!

Unrehearsed, unplanned and made up completely on the spot, delight as you meet new Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers, brew polyjuice and maybe, just maybe, defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

More magical than Merlin and funnier than a trip to Zonko’s, this is the perfect show for anyone who missed out on their Hogwarts letter.


“A legitimately funny show … The title and the story changes every night, but the resulting performance is always as unpredictable and funny as it is unscripted” - The Guardian


“It was a brilliant night that truly showed how talented these actors are when working with fresh prompts. The hilarity was proved by the ripples of laughter that spread throughout the entire room. I hope these people continue to entertain with their fantastic skills and keep the Harry Potter magic alive” -- Georgie Zambelli

“Terrific performance with any prompt. Great community feel as an audience member. I’m not pandering to anyone when I say this is one of the best experiences I have had in Melbourne and highly recommend to everyone. Thanks to the whole team” - Ellen Mary Grace

“Second year in a row watching this, and it was just as funny as the first time! It was amazing to see the crew put together an hour long play with such a quirky theme. Definitely will be watching again next year!” - Silvia Lee

“Ok, firstly- my sister and I NEVER miss this. We are so impressed with how clever and hilarious the cast are. Guys- keep being bloody awesome. We love it. Saw it tonight and it was amaze. Love your work. Don’t stop.” Phoebe Blanc

“A gem of a show. Clever, funny and perfect for Potter nerds. Go see it!” - Louise McCabe

“This show is a must-see for Harry Potter Fanatics!” - Jessica Binion

Photo Credits: Mark Gambino