Two Time sell out show Melbourne Fringe Festival


Director Andrew Strano

Technician/Stage Manager Meg Deyell

Producers Ryan Patterson and Adam Hembree

Cast Scout Boxall, Louise Cox, Stephanie Crowe, John Marc Sesengano, Brenna Dixon, Shea Evans, Carly Ellis, Louisa Fitzhardinge, Jasper Foley, Adam Hembree, Matt Jackson, Dana McMillan, Ryan Patterson, Vidya Rajan, Charlotte Salusinszky, Nikki Spunde, Owen Vandenberg, Katherine Weaver, Cat Commaner, Sam Lawless, Melissa McGlensey, ImogenPalmer, Charlie Sturgeon, James Ward

Musicians Caleb Garfinkel, Erin Heycox


Soothplayers improvise a hilarious Shakespearean play from nothing but a suggested title from the audience. No plans. No scripts. They guarantee you will laugh or your money back. Really!

Comedy? Tragedy? History? From star-crossed lovers to sword-crossed duels and cross-eyed fools, Soothplayers provide everything that four centuries of theatre-goers know and love, completely on the damned spot! Did you hate Shakespeare in school? Shake off your trauma, you won’t hate this! The show is fast-paced and action-packed, promising laughs and gasps for Bard lovers and haters alike. Soothplayers have received rave reviews for Completely Improvised Shakespeare leaving audiences begging for more. Each performance is a completely new work, using Shakespearean language, themes and style. Even the musical accompaniment is completely improvised!

Sounds impossible, right? Wrong!


“Director Andrew Strano balances the creative whims of the performers with an adherence to traditional structure, creating a highly accessible piece of theatre … It’s the performance equivalent of attempting to solve a rubix cube blindfolded – an hour-long wholly improvised Shakespeare play, complete with Shakespearean language and themes. But miraculously, mind-bogglingly, delightfully, it’s one that Melbourne troupe Soothplayers pull off” - Buzzcuts

"Stripped of the pretension so often associated with modern takes on Shakespeare, Soothplayers' rowdy, hilarious performances are incredibly enjoyable, and kind of astounding … variously wowing with an off-the-cuff rhyming soliloquy or sending the audience into fits of laughter with an unlikely plot twist" - The Age

★★★★½  “Soothplayers have managed to breathe new life into a style of writing and way of speaking that, although centuries old, felt fresh and relatable … A thoroughly enjoyable evening of theatre that showcased the undeniable talent of this gifted ensemble of players”

… Genius” - Theatrepeople

★★★★ “Captivating, hilarious and beautifully executed, the Soothplayers will leave you wondering why you didn’t enjoy studying Shakespeare at school as they inject wit, sophistication and Shakespearean language into a personalised performance. Exciting and awe inspiring” - Planet Arts

★★★★ “…the entire show is a continuous expression of amazement from the audience, wondering just how do they do this? Indeed, the players of Soothplayers are extremely talented at what they do, and the show is nothing short of awe-inspiring" - The Music

★★★★ “It’s clear that this creative team are improvisation champions”

★★★★ - Fouthwall Media Perth

"For anyone seeking a night of highly entertaining and spontaneous comedy, Completely Improvised Shakespeare is a sure bet" - The Herald Sun

“Hysterical, ingenious and riveting, Soothplayer’s Completely Improvised Shakespeare lives up to its money-back guarantee of being hilarious, with its widely popular shows taking the audience on a ride that is truly a once in a lifetime experience … the room was filled with non-stop laughter as the hour flew by" - ShakespeareOz


Photo Credits: Ryan Patterson and Marcus Willis