Greenroom Award Best Original Songs 2014

Best Male Cabaret Performer Theatrepeople Pro Choice Award Nominee


Director Casey Gould

Musical Director Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer

Book & Lyrics Andrew Strano

Music Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer

Performed by Andrew Strano & Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer

Other Accompanists Robyn Womersley, Rainer Pollard


A collection of songs about life, love, incest, Hogwarts and plant genitalia, ‘Nailed It!’ is a celebration of the insane, brutal and hilarious things we do when we’re in love, falling out of love, or even realising our innate solitude.
When we are nailing it, and when we’re really not.


★★★★★ - Broadway Baby
★★★★★ – Theatrepeople
★★★★★ - The Australia Times
★★★★ - Edin49
★★★★ – Mumble
★★★★ – TVBomb
★★★★ - The Wee Review

“A stripped back and beautiful account of grief, love, insecurity, selfishness and hope” - Australian Stage

"Disturbingly comic" - The Australian

"The stars of the future proving themselves the ones to watch" - The Adelaide Advertiser

“A repertoire of ingenious monologues, hilarious up-tempos and tear jerking ballads … Inspiring, original, and brilliantly bizarre, prompting cringe-inspired laughter and revealing surprising life truths … Having mastered (the) famous recipe of diligent musical composition, remarkable natural talent and a deep understanding of growing up, Strano takes his audience on the all too familiar journey of falling in love and having your heart broken” - This is Radelaide

"…brashly upbeat, to thoughtfully reflective, to sincerely poignant" - Stage Whispers

“These two bespectacled gentlemen are the Noel Cowards and the Cole Porters of the modern era, capable of stunningly moving lyrics, the quips coming thick and fast enveloping the audience with a blanket of familial feelings - a mental warmness that lingers long after the performance is over” - Mumble

“Their songs weave threads of familiar feelings through unexpected topics, twanging at old hurts and remembered heartbreaks. Even when they seem silly … the depth of emotion is easy to connect to” - Broadway Baby

Photo Credit: Kurt Sneddon