Composer Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer
Book writer & Lyricist Andrew Strano

'Something's Wrong' featuring Mike McLeish

Red dirt. Isolation. A tight-knit family journeying with you as you hurtle around the sun at 107991 km/h. Mars? Or just Wagga Wagga? When Katie gets back home to Wagga after 6 years working in New York, she’s shocked by how much and how little has changed— until something changes that can never be changed back.


Originally commissioned by the Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre, and awarded the 2020 City Of Melbourne Arts Grant, Voyagers follows Katie and her family for two weeks before, and two weeks after her brother Matt chooses to take his own life.

As people who grew up in small country towns, the mental health crisis Australia is facing is all too familiar to us.
Australia has the 8th-highest suicide rate in the world, with 8 Australians choosing to take their own lives every day. We have to work to destigmatise mental health issues, because many of us don’t know that it’s ok to ask for help.

When a friend’s kid brother took his own life in 2015, we asked her what we could do. She said: “Talk about it. We should, and we don’t”, so, with her permission, we wrote “Something’s Wrong” - first performed by Mike McLeish later that year. Over time that song become a musical.


"Composer Loclan McKenzie-Spencer and lyricist Andrew Strano have created a sensitive and unflinching exploration, distinguished by the genuine likeability and psychological realism of the characters. Sentiment is largely kept at bay through affectionate humour, delicate use of dramatic irony and the intimacy with which the familial relationships are sketched. The emotional trajectory of the piece is thoughtful and precise... the talent behind this poignant full-length musical is undeniable."

"The Sutton family are extremely well written characters... Book writer Andrew Strano clearly has a strong understanding of character building and development."


Music Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer
Book & Lyrics Andrew Strano
Producers Alexandria Garlan and Nick Rouse
Director / Dramaturgy Casey Gould
Musical Director / Dramaturgy Lucy O’Brien
Assistant Director/Dramaturgy Sarah Frencham
La Mama Stage Manager Ben Cronin
Riverina Playhouse Stage Manager Gin Rosse
La Mama Lighting Design Tim Bonser
Riverina Playhouse Lighting Design Robert Brown
Set & Costume Design Madeline Nibali
Sound Design Jem Savage

La Mama 2021 Bianca Baykara, Daniel Cosgrove, Penny Larkins, Bek Schilling, John Wood
Riverina Playhouse 2022 Daniel Cosgrove, Emma Powell, Bek Schilling, Jasmine Vaughns, John Wood
Reading 2021 Kaya Byrne, Bek Schilling, Bert LaBonté, Bianca Baykara, Penny Larkins
Melbourne Workshop 2021 Shannen Alyce Quan, Daniel Cosgrove, John Wood, Penny Larkins, Bek Schilling

Photo Credits: Sarah Walker (promotional), Darren Gill (production)